Established with the aim of creating up to 12 technology-based companies and facilitating the transfer of 3D printing technologies to society, the XaRFA network comprises 28 research groups from 14 Catalan entities.

We offer a guided and supervised roadmap through 4 action programmes:

  1. Organizing, monitoring, and evaluating the activities and results of the XaRFA project, while ensuring gender equality.
  2. Identification and continuous international promotion of the technological results achieved by the members of the XaRFA, with the aim of facilitating their transfer to the industrial sector through meetings and events.
  3. The XaRFA members will be trained and prepared to commercialize their technologies through the development of necessary skills and activities.
  4. Select and accelerate additive manufacturing technologies that possess the highest potential for XaRFA through the XaRFA2Market program.


Improve the transfer, valorization and internationalization of research around additive manufacturing developed by the Catalan R+D+I network.



With an eye on this milestone, the XaRFA Valorization and Transfer Program aims to become the link between the market and the Catalan research fabric in the field of 3D printing technology, positioning itself as the European benchmark in additive manufacturing and its applications.



The actions of the XaRFA are based on the commitment to the institutions and member entities, the responsibility to generate shared and enriching synergies, and the generation of value to society with quality technological solutions.