Visit to the research groups at the Barcelona East School of Engineering (Diagonal-Besòs UPC Campus)

Yesterday we visited the XaRFA research groups at the Barcelona East School of Engineering (Campus Diagonal-Besòs UPC) with the aim of learning about their current work and projects, as well as understanding their collaborations and research areas. We also had the opportunity to see their facilities.

  • The first group we visited was CIEFMA – UPC – BarcelonaTech (Center for Structural Integrity, Reliability and Micromechanics of Materials), and we were assisted by Gemma Fargas Ribas. CIEFMA is dedicated to the study of the structural integrity and reliability of materials, as well as their micromechanics.
  • The second group we visited was PROCOMAME (Metallic Materials Shaping Processes), with Jessica Calvo as our guide. PROCOMAME focuses on the study of the forming processes of metallic materials.
  • The third group we visited was e-Plascom, specialized in ecological plastics and composites. M Luisa Maspoch Rulduà welcomed us, along with Tobias. During the visit, we learned about their work on reducing the environmental impact of plastic products using recycled or renewable raw materials, as well as sustainable manufacturing technologies.
  • Finally, we visited the NEMEN group (Nanoengineering of materials applied to energy), and we were attended by Isabel Serrano. NEMEN is dedicated to nanoengineering of materials with applications in the energy field.

The visits will allow us to improve synergies between the different member groups of the XaRFA.