CIM UPC stands out at the ADDIT3D trade show with its innovative vision of 3D printing


Over several days, the transfer team from CIM UPC and XaRFA had the opportunity to explore exciting technological applications in other sectors, acquire new knowledge, find inspiration, and establish synergies with other industry leaders. One of the highlights was the participation of CIM UPC and XaRFA in the prestigious “ADDITIVE TALKS” event at ADDIT3D. During this conference, Roger Uceda, director of transfer at CIM UPC and XaRFA, shared their unique vision of innovation in 3D printing and its transformative impact on society today. From product customization to sustainable manufacturing and the revolution in medicine, CIM UPC and XaRFA emphasized the fundamental role that 3D printing will play in the near future.

In addition to benefiting in terms of knowledge and networking, CIM UPC and XaRFA took away new ideas and collaboration opportunities from the fair. The event has reaffirmed CIM UPC and XaRFA’s position as leaders in the field of 3D printing and strengthened their commitment to continue driving innovation in this field.