The XaRFA has visited the DIOPMA group of the UB

The XaRFA has visited the DIOPMA group (Center for Design and Optimization of Processes and Materials) of the University of Barcelona.

This June, the network team led by CIM UPC, visited the different DIOPMA laboratories in the Faculty of Chemistry of the UB.

 The DIOPMA center aims to help companies overcome challenges through innovation, improving their products or manufacturing technology.

The visit has allowed us to learn about its capacity in the development of charged inks for 3D printing, in the characterization of materials, thermal treatments and studies, among others. During their stay they were accompanied by Dr. Elena Xuriguera and Esther Galindo.

The visit is part of the XaRFA roadmap. During the following months, visits will be made to other members of the network in order to improve the knowledge of the groups, understand their needs and be able to generate synergies.