Inaugural day of XaRFA2MaRKET: Keys for spin-off success


On Tuesday, 18 July, the first day of XaRFA2MaRKET was celebrated with great presentations, exciting presentations and category guests.

Roger Uceda, Director of Transfer and Valorization at CIM UPC and member of the XaRFA team, explains the activities carried out by XaRFA up to this point, mentioning the visits to the facilities of the member groups and how these visits have enriched the network’s task from the very beginning.

The second part of the act was carried by Laia Iglesias, an innovation manager and entrepreneur, who has outlined the path of a spin-off from the innovation and transfer side and presented the UPC actors who help and support during this process.

The event has also been attended by Alfonso Cornella of FUTURLAB, who has given a paper on the key councils for a successful spin-off/startup, going through the practical learnings that have worked throughout his professional and experiential career.

In the fourth part of the event, two actual spin-off cases were presented that are part of the XaRFA, Aridditive, presented by her COO Arnau Cumelles, and Mimetis, presented by Maria Pau Ginebra, PhD. Both explained their experience and answered the guests’ questions.

Following the presentations, visits have been made to the facilities of different groups of the XaRFA with facilities in the EEBE (School of Engineering of Barcelona East).
This tour of the campus was a great opportunity for all attendees to learn about the activities of the CIEFMA, PROCOMAME,BBT, e-PLASCOM-CC and NEMEN groups. These visits allow participants to gain a closer view of the work and activity of fellow research groups within the network.

To end the event, it has been downloaded to the UPC courtyard of the campus of Besòs to share conversations and generate synergies, all with a bullet.