Approved the incorporation of two new groups into XaRFA


On July 20, 2023, the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of XaRFA took place, where a significant decision was made for the future of the network’s activities. During the meeting, it was decided to give the green light to the incorporation of two new groups: ATEM and CPCM.

ATEM (Analysis and Technology of Structures and Materials) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) is a research group that works with concrete, carbon steel, stainless steel, masonry, stone, and wood structures technology. With this foundation of expertise, they have seen the opportunity to adopt advanced manufacturing in the development of new innovative, valuable, and sustainable products.

CPCM (Characterization and Processes in Materials Science) from the University of Barcelona (UB) is a research group with experience in characterizing and developing new materials for pollutant removal. They have currently seen the opportunity to use 3D printing (Metal Direct Ink Writing) to develop complex catalyst structures and improve material efficiency.

With this step, XaRFA reinforces its mission to promote collaboration, advancement, and transfer in the field of additive manufacturing.

Stay tuned for network updates; we are eager to discover the new projects that will arise from the synergies among the 28 groups of XaRFA.