Aridditive and PowerDIW, spin-offs of CIM UPC and the UPC, in the UPC startup corner of 4YFN 2024

Barcelona, January 31, 2024.

The XaRFA (Additive Manufacturing Reference Network) celebrates the participation of two innovative spin-offs in the field of additive manufacturing at MWC-4YFN 2024: Aridditive and PowerDIW.

During the days 26 to 29 February, these two emerging companies will be exhibiting at the stands 8.1C33. 3A and 3B of the Startup Corner UPC.

Aridditive: Driving the future of sustainable construction.

Aridditive’s high-performance concrete 3D printer technology optimizes material use, simplifies manufacturing processes and significantly reduces costs, while achieving a substantial decrease in carbon emissions.

PowerDIW: Opening new application possibilities through a design without power limits with the cutting-edge technology of Direct Ink Writing.

PowerDIW, one of the next spin-offs of the network, is a pioneer in the manufacture of intricate components using materials inaccessible to conventional methods.

The event will have a round table, on Tuesday 27 at 4 pm at the ACCIÓ stand, where Climent Molins, vice-chancellor of transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship at the UPC, will participate; Roger Uceda, director of transfer and valorization of CIM UPC; Gerard Faneca CTO of Escofet and Arnau Cumellas COO of Aridditive.

XaRFA remains committed to driving excellence in additive manufacturing and fostering transfer and collaboration between its members and the business community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore technological advances in 3D printing with Aridditive and PowerDIW, visit the UPC Startup Corner at 4YFN 2024!