The XaRFA announces the First Edition of the Entrepreneurship Program for researchers

Barcelona, February 15, 2024 – The Additive Manufacturing Reference Network (XaRFA), under the coordination of CIM UPC, announces the launch of the First Edition of the Entrepreneurship Program for Researchers.

This program is designed to support researchers: PhDs, PhD, postdoctoral or master’s students who wish to transform their research into impactful business projects.

With this initiative, we not only want to provide training tools, but also the opportunity to work on the maturation of the BRL of the projects, connect with an entrepreneurial community of similar interests and obtain mentoring from experts in transfer and startups.

In this first edition, the XaRFA collaborates with S2 Xpeed, a recognized accelerator specialized in supporting and promoting founders and startups focused -mainly- in the framework of Industrial Tech.

XaRFA’s Entrepreneurship Program offers comprehensive training that guides participants from the basics of Entrepreneurship to the creation of an effective presentation. Sessions cover essential topics such as business model, revenue diversification, customer development, idea validation, key resources, growth strategies and financing. With a combination of theory and more practical sessions, the program provides the essential tools for the transformation of research applied to entrepreneurship projects.

The registration period for this first call begins on February 15, 2024, and remains open until places are filled for all sessions or until the end of the course.

Researchers, from doctoral students to postdoctoral students, master’s students and entrepreneurial profiles already have the opportunity to sign up and be part of this initiative. All registration information in the brochure on our website.

XaRFA looks forward to seeing how this program catalyzes the transformation of research into entrepreneurship, encouraging collaboration and innovation in the field of additive manufacturing.

For any query contact the XaRFA team at