Success of XaRFA spin-offs at 4YFN 2024: driving innovation and technology transfer in additive manufacturing

Barcelona, March 1, 2024.

The XaRFA, (Additive Manufacturing Reference Network), once again, has had representation at MWC-4YFN 2024, the international event of reference in emerging technologies and companies. During four days full of activity, the XaRFA has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation, valorisation, transfer and internationalization of additive manufacturing technologies. The participation of two of the network’s spin-offs, Aridditive and PowerDIW, in the Startup Corner of the UPC stands out.

Aridditive, spin-off of CIM UPC and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, has presented its 3D concrete printing technology, aimed at urban furniture and prefabs for a more efficient and sustainable construction. Likewise, PowerDIW, the future spin-off of CIM UPC, has captivated attention with its high-power direct ink writing (DIW) technology for transformative manufacturing that enables the optimization and customization of complex parts in multiple sectors of applications.

This year, he also participated in the round table at the TECNIO Innovation Experience Association, with the success case Aridditive SL. The session highlighted the importance of collaboration between technology centers, public entities, universities and companies in the sector.

Through this exhibition, visibility has been given to the members and projects of the network, the interaction with the agents of the sectors of interest has been enhanced and new collaborations and opportunities have been established.

With these positive results, the XaRFA consolidates its position as a key player in the promotion of research, innovation and technological transfer in the field of additive manufacturing. The network continues to push its members towards applied research, the path of entrepreneurship and the generation of projects with an impact on society.

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