The research of the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group is dedicated to the development and transfer of knowledge to the industry of innovative biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue regeneration.His research interests include the preparation and design of materials and scaffolds for fundamental in vitro and in vivo studies. Another focus is the search for useful tools to evaluate the mechanisms that govern cellular behavior in regenerative medicine.

They design, manufacture and characterize bioactive and biodegradable materials and investigate their interactions with biological entities, both in terms of their fundamental aspects and specific applications for tissue engineering purposes. The aim is the repair and functional restoration of tissues or organs using scaffolds, cells and 3D signals.

His research is based on three pillars:

  • Creation of microenvironments for tissue generation
  • Translation of basic research into new developed products
  • Development of 3D models for tumor research in extracellular matrices self-produced by cells.

Activity in relation to additive manufacturing:

The research projects related to Additive Manufacturing are nAngioderm (call ENMIII – JTC2018) and Biocardio (RTI2018-096320-B-C21). The group also has several projects in whichadditive manufacturing plays a key role in solving health problems. We have also been partners of projects such as “QuirofAM” (Additive manufacturing in the operating theatre, led by CIM UPC) and BASE 3D, the grouping of research centers in Additive Manufacturing.


  • Characterization of surfaces
  • Cell culture
  • Molecular biology equipment
  • Thermocycler (PCR)
  • Rapid prototyping tool
  • Peptide synthesizer
  • Electrospinning equipment
  • Viscosity calculation equipment


  • Rob Surgical Systems
  • Surgitrainer
  • Vitala Technologies
  • Eodyne
  • Nanobots Therapeutics