Interdisciplinary group born in 1998, made up of professors and researchers from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Bioengineering of the IQS School of Engineering.

GEMAT’s activity is based on four main areas:

  • polymer chemistry and formulation development of new functional materials
  • surface engineering
  • development of biomaterials for the release of drugs and genes
  • materials for energy

Activity in relation to additive manufacturing:

In the field of additive manufacturing, they have two lines of projects: silicones (liquid and medical) and biomaterials.

GEMAT has participated in different 3D Printing projects at Catalan, national and European level: IBE-RM from 2010 to 2013, financed by MICINN + FEDER, The Restoration project, Resorbable Ceramic Biocomposites for Orthopedic and Maxillofacial Applications, 2012-2016, FP7 and recently within the RIS3Cat projects: the QuirofAM project and the Ink 3D project.


IQS Tech Transfer’s commitment to companies is to offer solutions based on our knowledge, experience and continuous innovation in order to boost their competitiveness. This offer is specified with the following types of Services:

  • Development and validation of analysis methods
  • Sample analysis for quality control
  • Development of synthesis processes
  • Scaling of production processes
  • Optimization of formulations
  • Statistical studies
  • Simulation studies
  • Research and development projects
  • Consulting and advice
  • Expertises

Project in the network:

  • ELASTOM3D (together with CIM UPC)