The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a research body created in 1987 as a collaboration between the Generalitat de Catalunya and the UPC, in collaboration with UNESCO.

The general scientific activity of the group is the development of computational mechanics methods for the modeling of engineering problems. In this context, the group works more specifically in the following areas:

  • Numerical modeling of industrial manufacturing processes
  • Numerical modeling of the mechanical behavior of materials and structures.
  • Advanced tools for the computational design of engineering materials.

Activity related to additive manufacturing: Numerical simulation of the additive manufacturing process for metals and polymers is one of the group’s main lines of research. A computational tool for industrial use is currently being developed with the support of different companies including ArcelorMittal (3D Printing), HP, BCN3D.


The Sections of the RMEE Department are specialized in specific areas:

  • The Industrial Section of Terrassa offers services on an experimental basis, which is why it has a laboratory certified with ISO 9001, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the industrial fabric in all those research, development and innovation activities that involve design, the analysis, testing or certification of materials and structures for resistant purposes.
  • The Barcelona Industrials Section develops research collaborations and the transfer of technology and knowledge, which are concrete in analysis, design, calculation, testing and structures; especially in complex behaviors, infeasibility phenomena, light structures, experimental measurements and verifications, and applied to many different industrial sectors.

Project within the network:


  • CIMNE technology, SA
  • Ingeniería y Sistemas COMPASS, SA
  • structuralia, SA