The Innovation, Health Economy and Digital Transformation Research Group of the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute was established at the beginning of 2022; brings together specialists in different fields. The general objective of the group is to carry out transversal applied research with the vision of influencing the healthcare model, it will do so by connecting multidisciplinary teams, made up of experts in management, innovation, digital transformation, knowledge transfer and health economics .

The group has as a pillar three lines of research:

  • Technological innovation
  • Transformation and digital health
  • Health economics

Activity related to additive manufacturing:

From the perspective of 3D printing, INEDIT works to implement, among others, the use of additive manufacturing in healthcare practice, investigating not only its impact on clinical indicators, but the mechanisms to implement the technology in hospitals . Currently, the group is working to develop a mechanism that allows the preparation of Catalan hospitals to be objectively analyzed to implement 3D image post-processing programs, including additive manufacturing.


The INEDIT research group offers project management services, proof of concept, and validation of solutions in real clinical environments. Without being able to work on a full clinical trial, the INEDIT research group offers a first opportunity to validate needs and technologies with healthcare professionals and real patients.