The Additive Manufacturing (FA) area of ​​Leitat works on scientific activity and technology transfer in different fields linked to these technologies:

  • R&D of new materials for FA: polymers, metals and ceramics; recycled, additives; granules, powder and resin formats.
  • Development and optimization of printing parameters of new materials in FA equipment of different technologies: Stereolithography (SLA), processed by digital light (DLP, from the English Digital Light Processing), processed by LED light (LCD, from the English Liquid Crystal Display), filament extrusion (FFF, from the English Fused Filament Fabrication), material projection (MJ, from the English Material Jetting), binder projection (BJ, from the English Binder Jetting), multi-jet fusion (MJF, from the English MultiJet Fusion), selective laser sintering (SLS, from the English Selective Laser Sintering), selective laser melting (SLM, from the English Selective Laser Melting).
  • Design, redesign, topological optimization and multiphysics simulation of parts and components for FA and development of new advanced industrial applications using FA materials and technologies.
  • Study, analysis and implementation of post-processing systems for components obtained through FA (mechanical, chemical and electrochemical polishing, surface treatments, thermal treatments, coatings).
  • Benchmark, experimentation, testing, characterization and validation of materials, technologies, post processes and FA applications.
  • Research and development of tools for monitoring and visualizing FA process data and defect correction and prediction models and correlation with physical models through process data capture for quality control.
Activity in relation to additive manufacturing:

From Leitat, innovation actions are promoted with the industry through the search for calls and funding that allow companies to promote R+D+i and provide them with resources through support, preparation and project management and task performance. From the FA area, actions linked to FA technologies and the cooperation and integration of enabling technologies that complement and increase the value of the solutions are focused on. Cooperation in innovation processes also occurs from the private sector.


IAM3DHUB offers:

    • Design and engineering services for additive manufacturing, digitization and reverse engineering, manufacturing and validation, production support
    • Consulting and mentoring services for companies, company and business plan, financing.
    • Training: workshops, online training and webinars, personalized training.

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