The research of the Locomotor System Research Group is mostly clinical, focusing on the study of procedures, materials and treatments of pathologies related to the locomotor system, which affect bones, muscles, tendons and joints.

It is a multidisciplinary research group made up of different professional profiles: orthopedic surgery and traumatology (specialists and Internal Medicine Residents in training), rehabilitation, urgent care family doctors, internal medicine and orthogeriatrics, anesthesiology, physiotherapy, nursing, biomedical engineering and biology.

The group has as a pillar three lines of research:

  • Research on 3D technology applied to surgical procedures in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology: anatomical models and surgical guides.
  • Research focused on improving the quality of traumatic pathology procedures.
  • Focused research on the improvement of elective orthopedic surgery procedures.
Activity in relation to additive manufacturing:

The 3DPTLab is a scientific-technological structure of the I3PT with the mission of finding solutions forto the challenges of the health sector through 3D technology. This provides experience, knowledge and structural resources to the entire scientific community of the entity to develop scientific, technological and innovative projects in the field of health.


  • Scientific and technical services in order to centralize technologies and equipment and promote researchers’ access to advanced technologies
  • Biobank, support platform for research staff to centralize collections of biological samples used in research

Spin-offs: –