The Hardware-Software Prototypes and Solutions Center focuses its research on the design of embedded systems based on platforms and models, at different levels (HW, FW, eSW, aSW, web) to increase performance and productivity in the design of customized electronic systems.

Prototypes and solutions are developed using specification and design languages ​​(html5, UML, XML, Python, C++, C, Java, SystemC, VHDL), HW/SW co-design methodologies and current electronic design tools for the various levels of ‘abstraction, from high-performance embedded computing to the layout of flexible integrated or printed circuits. For these reasons, the center has a high flexibility and capacity to integrate new devices and components (real and virtual) in electronic systems for various application environments, currently focused on Automotive/Industrial and IoT/ wearables/eHealth.

Activity in relation to additive manufacturing:

CEPHIS-UAB is involved Additive manufacturing in printed electronics: projects TDK4PE, COLAE,

SERENE-IoT. Companies: CPI, Smartkem, Neudrive, SensingTex..


Among the scientific and technical services of the UAB, they offer the LAMPES service (Electronic Prototype Assembly Laboratory for Embedded Systems)

Prototypes of electronic systems

  •     PCB design with professional CAD tools
  •     Incremental assembly of PCBs with SMD assembly machine
  •     Pre-industrial prototype manufacturing management
  •     Support certification processes

Design of customized electronic systems

  •  FPGA, SoC, MPSoC based platforms
  • Communications subsystems
  • Drivers and middleware
  •  Management applications (web, smartphone)
  •  Very low consumption systems with or without batteries

Implementation of embedded systems

  •     Solutions with embedded and mobile industrial platforms
  •     Standardized communications systems (LTE/UMTS/GPRS/GSM, GPS, wifi, bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, NFC, USB, Ethernet, fieldbuses)
  •     Solutions and applications based on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS platforms
  •     3D stereoscopy and advanced user interfaces
  •     SmartTV and Set-Top-Box

Printed Electronics

  •     Morphological analysis with confocal and interferometric microscope of materials
  •     Analysis of functional devices with scoreboard and instrumentation
  •     Inkjet printing of functional materials and devices
  •     System design with flexible and/or organic technologies (OLED, OPV, Batteries, RF, Biosensors, OTFTs)