XaRFA announces calls to incorporate new members into the Additive Manufacturing Reference Network of Catalonia


Barcelona – The Additive Manufacturing Reference Network of Catalonia has announced the opening of a call for new groups to be able to register and become members of this AGAUR Reference Network.

Catalonia has established itself as a centre of innovation and excellence in additive manufacturing, and XaRFA has a fundamental role in advancing in this field. As a collaboration platform, this network brings together experts, researchers and industry professionals to encourage technology transfer to society, promote technological advances and promote the adoption of sustainable manufacturing practices.

With its mission to improve projects, find techniques that improve coexistence with nature and facilitate resources and contacts with professionals, the XaRFA is creating a dynamic ecosystem where members can benefit from multidisciplinary collaboration, vanguard research, access to state-of-the-art facilities and support in new technology acceleration programs.

The call is open to research groups of entities that are already part of XaRFA(*) and that develop research activities in additive manufacturing. Being members of the ShaRFA, organizations can gain numerous advantages, including:

  1. Access to a network of experts and leading professionals in the field of additive manufacturing.
  2. Opportunities for collaboration with other members in research, development and transfer projects.
  3. Participation in workshops, seminars and conferences organized by the ShahrFA where to share knowledge, experience and stay up to date with the latest trends in industry.
  4. Participation in acceleration activities of the Business Readiness Level of additive manufacturing technologies they are working on.

To request to be a member of XaRFA, interested groups are invited to visit the official XaRFA website at xarfa.org and fill in enrolment form.

Application deadline is 10 June. The candidacy will be assessed at the next General Assembly of the ShaRFA, scheduled for 18 July.

Dr José María Cabrera, Director General of CIM UPC and the leading body of XaRFA, has expressed his enthusiasm for the new members, saying: “We welcome the new groups to join XaRFA and contribute to the growth and advance of additive manufacturing in Catalonia. Through the collaboration and activities of the ShahFA, we can accelerate innovation and promote sustainable solutions for the future.”

For more information about this new network and the membership request process, please visit https://forms.gle/21yccGXJHVxUrkuf8. You can contact the XaRFA team at any doubt info@xarfa.org.

(*) List of entities already linked to XaRFA:

CIM UPC, Instituto Químic de Sarrià IQS, University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia IBEC, LEITAT, EURECAT, University of Girona, International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering CIMNE, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Sanitary Corporation Parc Taulí, Institute of Health Sciences Research Germans Trias i Pujol, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, University of Vic.