Open call for the incorporation of new research groups in the XaRFA

March 4, 2024

XaRFA, led by CIM UPC, announces the opening of the second call for applications for new member groups to join the network.

With 28 research groups from 14 Catalan entities and given the success of its launch, the Additive Manufacturing Reference Network of Catalonia (XaRFA) is opening the second call for new members.

This call, promoted under the XaRFA 2 MaRKET program coordinated by the Transfer and Valorization area of ​​CIM UPC, seeks to expand the network and the portfolio of innovative technologies in additive manufacturing in Catalonia with the potential to be valorized and transferred until 2025.

Interested research groups have the opportunity to be part of an ecosystem in constant transformation, collaborating with other entities and companies from various sectors with common challenges of economic and social interest.

To be a beneficiary of this call, you must be an active research group of an existing member entity or a new one, and develop research activities in the field of additive manufacturing.

By becoming a member of XaRFA, organizations can gain numerous benefits, including:

  1. Access to a network of experts and leading professionals in the field of additive manufacturing.
  2. Collaboration opportunities with other groups and member entities, as well as companies, in research, development and transfer projects.
  3. Participation in conferences, conferences and training programs organized by the XaRFA where you can share knowledge, experiences and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry.
  4. Participation in incubation activities and business development acceleration (BRL) of the additive manufacturing technologies they are working on.

To apply to be a member of the XaRFA you must fill in the following registration form.

Applications are accepted starting March 7, 2024. The candidacy will be evaluated in the next one general assembly of the XaRFA, scheduled for April 4, 2024.

“We welcome new groups to join the XaRFA and contribute to the growth and advancement of additive manufacturing in Catalonia. Through the collaboration and activities of the XaRFA, we can accelerate innovation and drive sustainable solutions for the future .” – José María Cabrera, PhD, Director General of CIM UPC and the leading entity of the XaRFA.


XaRFA, with the support of all member entities, continues to promote innovation and technological transfer in the field of additive manufacturing in Catalonia. Join and be part of this community!

For more information about the network and the application process for joining, please visit the official XaRFA website. For any doubts you can contact the XaRFA team at